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My name is Michael, born and raised on the West Coast, yes, arguably the Best coast as a cliché goes, but really, one of the most phenomenal places we are lucky enough to live. If you like mountains, being on the water, infinite running and walking trails, or relaxing with some breathtaking scenery, we will most definitely have a lot in common!

Who am I? Great question! I am one of the most driven, mission-focused, and attentive individuals you’ll ever meet! With over a decade of experience in high caliber hospitality, top tier, personalized service is my specialty. Because I am so well-versed in this area of expertise, every aspect of your home buying and selling experience will be seamless and even enjoyable!

This, I promise.

- Michael Booth

As a relatively new dad, not only has endless patience become a quality I possess now more than ever, but I am also aware of many of the little details that make a big difference, and a perfect family home!

What sets me apart from every other realtor out there? Another great question! I will provide numerous additional bells and whistles as part of my service to making the home buying or selling journey seamless in every way. I pride myself in not only my expertise in high-quality personalized service, but my experience in making my clients feel as if I have met their every criteria, over and above what they ever expected! 

Your dream home is my mission.

Your Dreams.
Our Mission.

At Booth Real Estate, Customer Relationships Will Always Come First.

Our focus, our WHY, is to drive your customer experience to be the best that it can possibly be.

We champion those who value service and quality of work, above all else. We believe in the golden rule: treat others how you would like to be treated. We are known for our exceptional service, attention to detail, determination, and hard work. We focus on the holistic experience of the customer—an experience that extends way beyond the end of a transaction.

Why Work With Booth?

At Booth Real Estate, serving our clients is our number one priority. Below we answer common questions our clients have, but if there anything else, do not hesitate to contact us.

You might have questions like:

  • What are the schools like in my prospective area?
  • What about the taxes?
  • What kind of closing costs can I expect?

If you’re a buyer, chances are you have a lot of questions.

Don’t worry – no matter what’s on your mind, I’m here to help.

There are plenty of part-time real estate sales representatives helping people buying a home. I devote my full working week to clients, and don’t have to try to work around another job. You’re always getting my full and undivided attention.

Ubuntu – I am because we are – is the foundation of my values. The idea of community is one of the cornerstones of a great society, and by working with Booth Real Estate, you are choosing to take steps to help build your community.


To you, it’s about buying or selling your house. To us, it’s about the hundreds of little details along the way. At Booth, we let you tell us what you want and we take care of all the little details that we know matter, making the process simple, easy, and stress-free for you

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