Buying With Booth

Having Booth Real Estate on your side can transform a potentially stressful and complicated transaction into an exciting and rewarding experience.

Your Dreams.
Our Mission.

For most people, buying a property is one of the most significant financial decisions they will ever make. It can quickly become emotional, especially if the property will be your home. There’s a lot at stake.

Having Booth Real Estate on your side can transform a potentially stressful and complicated transaction into an exciting and rewarding experience. Booth Real Estate commits to our clients to provide expertise and high-quality service.

What To Expect When Buying With Booth

  1. Narrowing the search down to suggest the most suitable properties
  2. Advising on relevant information including neighbourhoods, zoning, and property histories
  3. Assessing the potential resale value of properties and ensuring fair market value on what you pay
  4. Arranging showings and providing knowledgeable feedback on prospective properties
  5. Writing all offers and handling the purchase negotiations to ensure your financial interests are protected.
  6. Assisting you at every step of the process by providing valuable advice and essential information
  7. Promote your best interests with expert real estate advice and skills
  8. Simplify the process of buying with specialized real estate knowledge
  9. Offer consumer protections with trust coverage and insurance.
  10. Stay informed of market trends, neighbourhoods, and property histories.
  11. Communicate honestly and as frequently as you require on all matters of concern to you and your real estate transaction.

Our Buying Values


Honesty and integrity are at the core of our business.


We provide the highest level of service, one which extends far beyond the transaction.


Committed to being fully accessible morning and night


We tell it to you straight; whether it is the hard truth or genuine praise, you will hear it from us.

Buying With Booth

At Booth Real Estate, serving our clients is our number one priority. Below we answer common questions our clients have, but if there anything else, do not hesitate to contact us.

From the start of your search until long after you’ve moved into your new home, you’ll get the benefit of our partnerships with some of the best home service professionals in Vancouver. I work with lenders, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, lawyers, movers, painters, handymen and home service professionals aren’t just best in class.

I am here to help every step of the way.

Given my experience, I know when you, as the buyer, have the upper hand in negotiations – and, more importantly, when you do not. Each situation demands different techniques, and I have the experience to navigate these waters effectively to help when it comes to buying a home (at the absolute best price).

You might have questions like:

  • What are the schools like in my prospective area?
  • What about the taxes?
  • What kind of closing costs can I expect?

If you’re a buyer, chances are you have a lot of questions.

Don’t worry – no matter what’s on your mind, I’m here to help.

There are plenty of part-time real estate sales representatives helping people buying a home. I devote my full working week to clients, and don’t have to try to work around another job. You’re always getting my full and undivided attention.

One last thing...

We've built our reputation on over-delivering for our customers. Let us do the same for you.

Purchasing a property can be like riding one of life’s biggest emotional rollercoasters. You will have feelings of excitement, angst, worry, stress, joy, and happiness and it is our job to help you navigate that ride with clarity and ease. Think of us as a stabilizing force that helps ensure you stay on track and get EXACTLY what you are looking for.

Before the buying process begins, we will sit down with you and discuss your must-haves, nice-to-haves, and even your must-not-have, as well as your budget, homeownership goals, and reasons for buying.

Once we establish your critical points, we can form a buying strategy and stick to your goals.

We look forward to serving you.

- Michael Booth

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